Weight-loss saves life and money!

Overweight is a treatable disease!

The etiology of being overweight  is very complicated, including food addiction, slower metabolism, family history, underlying medical conditions, use of concurrent medications usage, lack of physical activity due to physical or psychological barriers etc. Weight loss is best achieved through a  multidisciplinary approach.

Our center is WNY’s first comprehensive Non-Surgical Weight loss Clinic.  Since January 2008, our center has treated approximately 3500 patients that are  overweight and have overweight- related medical  conditions, such as  hypertention,  diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. We have attained 15-100 IBS weight  loss for most of our patients. Many patients that suffer from diabetes and hypertention   no longer need to use their daily insulin or pills for these conditions after their ideal body weight achieved. Following services available through this center:

-FDA-approved prescription diet pills, which are recommended by American Society of Bariatric Physician(ASBP).  It is safe, effective, and suppresses hunger.


-Professional nutrition consultation .


-Personalized metabolism measurements.


-Review of your current medications, eliminating fat-inducing medications, and replacing with fat-inhibiting substitutes when  available.


-Screening  for possible medical conditions that lead to unexpected weight gain and  properly managing them.


-Treatment of overweight-related medical conditions like hypercholesterolemia, arthritis, diabetes mellitus , sleep apnea etc.


-Eliminate physical and psychological barrier from engaging exercise.


-Long-term maintenance of weight loss.


-Weight loss treatment before surgery to amelioate complications posed by obesity.


We have NO exercise facility and we do not do gastric bypass surgery.